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Strong commercial based clientele (Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Wog World, Dogs USA, Cats USA, Rabbits USA, Browntrout Publishing, Pet Prints Publishing, Gracefully Yours Greeting Cards, etc).

Pam now shoots 7 days per week by appointment for those pets who love the lens (and some who don't!).  Perhaps you may also star in her next magazine or calendar assignment.

Also, see her on two episodes (Hootie episode & 100th Anniversary)  of the “Dog Whisperer” show, National Geographic Channel with Cesar Millan.

Also checkout the videos on this website under "Media Clips" tab.




Crayon Marks, 8 y/o, AKC, MX, MXJ

Rescue girl from Perfect Pet Rescue, I was her 3rd home.

Perfect girl and fast, fast!


 SKID 4 y/o 

Small stuff but keeps in step with Aussies

Rescue from Bakersfield


AndHe   3 y/o

Agility Up and Comer!



Agility Up and Comer!